hoarder house flip update


I was asked what’s happening with the house next door and figured it was a perfect time for an update on the progress. From what I’ve been told it is almost finished. I really hope the inside is incredible but the work on the outside sets a different expectation. I understand this is the middle of winter and things aren’t looking their best but this is supposed to be a flip for profit that was going to be complete in two months. Here we sit nearly seven months later and it doesn’t look like they’ve done enough to recover their initial investment plus all of the renovation and carry costs. I am no expert but this thing has haunted house curb appeal.

  1. that is the permit that they were forced to get by unleashing a plague of rodents on our neighbor to the rear. This has been the major cause for delay and I’m sure a complete pain in the ass for the flippers. I don’t have much more info here as the leaky bucket contractor has moved on to other projects and the investor is rightfully skeptical about the neighbors so my inside information stream has dried up.
  2. The removal albeit temporary of my beloved Buckthorn screen has exposed my grill to the street. This will be my main point of attack during the sales process as I attempt to find the right neighbors. Hideous novelty grill covers are surprisingly hard to find but luckily if the search gets too exhausting there is a thing called blaze orange camouflage tarp.
  3. I have also been researching beer signs to place in my office front window. Nothing says class like neon. This would have to be for special occasions like open house Sundays or else I would be in a constant state of unquenchable thirst. Plus, my wife thinks I’m funny to a point. a very small point… Like the time I mowed the lawn into a checkerboard to annoy another neighbor. It only lasted a week but that was an awesome week.

The tiny bushes are a nice touch but if I were trying to sell this pig I might have gone with some a bit bigger. I realize that budgets get tight but come on, this place looks scary, AND I haven’t even had a chance to ask potential buyers if they got that dead animal smell completely out of the walls.

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