If you were looking for a Valentine’s Day post or something about a social disease by the title you have come to the wrong post. Instead I would like to present the most spit upon sink design in America. This is the second one I have discovered in a room which officially rules out my original lazy plumber thought. I initially pictured a guy who brought the wrong fixture to the job and installed it thinking no one would check. I stand corrected and now know this is some designers “vision.” I stopped by a drug store on the way home tonight and purchased two things of isopropyl alcohol so I could stop brushing my teeth in the shower. But after drowning it first, then wiping it down, and rinsing with the rest I still ended up turning the shower on as a water source. For whatever reason I can’t scrub the the mental images of all the potential stuff to land on that schlong faucet and I want nothing to do with it. If this is some hippie water saving idea it is having the opposite effect. People are dehydrating to death during my five minute oral hygiene regime. That picture doesn’t really explain the three inches of usable sink but it’s all your going to get as I’m beat.

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