thinking during a webinar


Thinking while I was on a call today doodling on my iPad. This wasn’t a complete waste of time as I was trying to learn something for work but I found my mind wandering into the media that is social. I would love to pick one and go with it but they all seem to annoy. The webinar I endured was trying to teach me how the future of customer service lies in these programs but I can’t help but call bullshit. People might head to these and complain or get questions answered but I can’t see my way through to them using a social media outlet to book a call.

So much about social media is on purpose impersonal. We only show the best of unless we are screaming for attention. During that same webinar they directed us to a Facebook page that told me this was a hook to get likes and then show us a potential system that might work. As soon as I figured out it was wishful non proven nonsense I kept listening but poked around in the BookFace and found an old friend screaming LOOK AT ME.

He is going through some stuff without a doubt but instead of figuring out how to move on he has taken things to the court of his online friends in the weirdest way. I found myself analyzing his posts as if I were trying to solve a mystery. He lost his job but rather than ask everyone for help finding something else he shit all over his former company by name thus ensuring that most of us would not consider helping. Then he went on to blame his exfiance for all trouble by overusing the word betrayal to the point I wasn’t sure he really knows what it means. This little move should render him poison to any future potential mates.

He even danced around with religion and politics and the next thing I knew I had been reading for twenty minutes and the webinar had been over for almost ten. I am torn. I have typed a note to this guy but have yet to press send. It’s a mix of tough love and what in the hell were you thinking that finishes with a DELETE ALL OF THAT SHIT IMMEDIATELY. I’m only typing this now because I can’t get it out of my head. Part of me hopes that this will exercise this demon before I meddle where I shouldn’t. This isn’t even a close friend. I feel like I’m watching someone I know slowly bury themselves and I can’t unknow it’s happening.

I’m sending a request to talk to him on the phone. Sorry about this weird post. I really needed to work this one out on paper. Been one of those days.

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