Thanx for checking

Good looking out by the reader who sent me an anonymous (meaning I can’t figure out who in the hell you are by your email address which is okay) concerned communication after yesterday’s post. I immediately reread it and laughed. It did seem like I had a stroke so I corrected the double printed paragraph that was somehow inserted into another one thus completely screwing up the entire pile of thought. Anyone who read that and thought I was trying some esoteric writing experimentation the answer is nope, just a royal screw up with cheese.

My normal writing setup on the Big ol’ iPad looks exactly like this


I use the overpriced Apple Smart Keyboard but I justified the purchase along with the companion Apple pencil because I got the monster iPad with United Miles. (the only part of that program not currently designed to bunghole loyal customers) That picture is for shit as it makes the keys look like I’ve spilled something on them but I assure you that is due to my complete inability to properly light a photograph. The keys are actually covered in a cool fabric that seals the keys and wipes clean. I have really grown to love that thing. I type like a trained gorilla which means I am watching my fingers the entire time and this takes the abuse it also fits Inside my case which is an added bonus. So that is a picture of the blank post entering page while using the keyboard. When I get too lazy to connect the thing or if it is in my bag more than an arms length away I have to use the on-glass keys.


This is where things get screwed up. For some reason, once I type enough nonsense to scroll past the visible window, things go sideways. The giant electronic board takes up half of the available real estate and I need to keep a constant eye on things. Most likely due to my lack of typing skill combined with thumping on glass but I am in a near constant state of cutting, pasting, deleting, and otherwise screwing posts up. Usually, I catch the trouble but yesterday at lunch I was just trying to quickly plop out content. I think there are shortcut key combinations I know nothing about that are triggered by my imprecise imaginary typewriter pummeling. Anyhow, it all added up to a worse-than-the-norm experience for my readers and I apologize.

And speaking of readers I have been struggling with the ego side of this thing. I really miss the days of writing to a couple hundred people. I have no idea what I will do and more than likely that ship has flown the coop but I might do some things to drive a little more traffic this way. I have friends in the YouTube game that get thousands of views every time they post so I might have a little eyeball envy going right now but there is something defeating about my current stat window. Oh well, at least I didn’t have the mid post stroke that I telegraphed yesterday. Thanks again.

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