I need to tell you that you can bring me a piece of me that doesn’t have a lot of fat in it but then I’m going to have to take care of things myself. The old lady (and I am not being disrespectful there when, in fact, I am holding back from calling her far worse) was bitching at the butcher in the grocery store about the roasts on sale were too dry and they never put good meat on sale for good prices. When I could stand no more I excused myself and selected a sizeable spite roast.


I realize that the true food blogger types would have made that picture prettier but I am not one of those. I only had my phone near an in-progress roast because I was using the magnifier on my phone to read the meat thermometer. If you have an iPhone you should update to the latest software. Three quick hits on the home button turns the camera into a lighted adjustable magnifying glass. It doesn’t take much to make me truly happy but that little trick does the trick. (too tired to look up trick synonyms)

I should also let you know that I am typing this in an attempt to keep the pending nap at bay so if you came here for entertainment this might not be your day. I have twenty minutes until I need to work some more magic with that hunk of cow covered in pig but the eyelids are lead right now. It’s like I’ve been drugged but without the awesome drug feelings. Just a big sack of tired I’m carrying around on my head like a jungle expedition bearer. Getting sleepy Bwana?

I am currently fighting some illness undoubtedly brought home by one of the two teachers in this house because a winter classroom is a Petri dish. This must be a super-strain as it blew right through my Airborne defenses. (I pop those things in my mouth and let them dissolve on my tongue and that has worked for years. Might be time to crush them up and snort rails) And now I am tired of typing…

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