boring tiny house thoughts

I was going to include a drawing in this post but it’s not ready. The thoughts associated have bubbled to the surface and they won’t go away so I will write it just the same. Today’s topic stems from a work conversation where I was trying to convince a contractor that he should take the Tiny House movement seriously. He called them trailer houses and resolutely stated that his company would never work on mobile homes. I tried to convince him that this trend appealed to a lot of people, myself included, and he laughed. I tried pointing him to some web sites where you can buy the things for as much as $100,000 and he lost his mind. I even show him that his part of the country was a hot spot for the trend but nope. I let it drop but the conversation stuck with me all day.

I’m not going to bore you with the whole back and forth because worktom can’t be his normal cutting self when talking to people that pay his salary. (I love it when he writes in the third person for no coherent reason) But this guy’s thinking that smaller is somehow a failure statement not to mention a couple of clean shots about me not fitting in the ones he has seen started my brain spinning. What I want to accomplish with this post is to get some of my thoughts down on virtual paper. You should also know before I begin that the drawing I started talking about is my floor plan for my own small dwelling. I will post it at some point in the future and hopefully remember to come back and link the drawing here.

I love the thought of a tiny house because it forces you to get rid of things. I used to write about boiling my life down to a single bag and that thought gives me great peace. I’m not sure what is broken inside of me but getting rid of stuff makes me happy. Once a month I throw things away or donate them from some part of this vast estate just to get the rush. If the wheels ever come off of my life I will put a match to whatever is left and start over. Just typing those words made me smile.

Don’t think I am disavowing all possessions either. I would just like to have fewer, higher quality, or more bang for my buck stuff. I am an electronic gadget freak but I don’t keep a ton of them around. I am in a current state of get something – sell something. Right now my essentials are my phone and iPad. I have a couple pair of headphones and a portable speaker but my general guideline is it ALL has to fit in my man bag. The laptop I use when I work out of my office could melt and it wouldn’t bother me a bit as I never travel with it. I am backed up on all devices to multiple clouds and everything works everywhere. As far as other essentials if I had a couple pair of jeans, couple t-shirts, pair of sweats, pair of shorts, one good hoody, two jackets, good shoe, good boots, and dress clothes for work I would be set. All of the other things I would take pictures of and dump. The stuff I have in my office right now is almost essential but could be reduced by half with no trouble.

The other obvious attraction is cost. Our little house is probably just the right size for us but the layout isn’t future proof. PLUS, once we pay it off it will still cost $600 per month just to cover the taxes and that number isn’t going down anytime soon. As Illinois attempts to not be the first state in history to declare bankruptcy, taxes are being raised on everything. I just finished an article telling me they want to tax Netflix, Spotify, and basically all currently untaxed online things. Add that to ALL the other increases and it’s like they don’t want people to live here anymore. This is a me and my choices problem but it adds to the allure of something smaller located elsewhere.

I am not really interested in towing the damn thing around trying to negotiate space everywhere I go. I think this means I need to find somewhere it would be great to live and look for something small. Or find a little chunk of land in a state where the spending wheels haven’t come off and build. It doesn’t have to be a home on wheels either. Right now there is a Canadian company that has me intrigued Honomobo. (I’m sure that name means something really cool or really Canadian that I can’t figure out) There is also a little part of me that would like to start a company that builds similar housing.

There is some deeper stuff going on here as well. As things crush in the pull for change is strong.


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