a couple things before I start today’s show, err, post. 1. Yesterday got a little weird but don’t read anything into those words. I am a dude going through some stuff and simplifying my life would help a great deal. There is no judgement of any kind nor is there an attempt to say that this way is the best way. I want everyone to live their lives the way they want to get it done. Hurting someone aside, do what you want to do and if its real fun invite me over. If I drive by you in a vintage convertible of any kind with headphones and a big smile know that I am doing ME to the best of my ability. (Having owned a couple topless automobiles in my day I can safely say that a good audio system is a waste of money for anyone except the assholes that steal them) 2. The fact that I am neck deep in the planning process means nothing. Right now my life is not my own so some of this planning is escapism. plain and simple.

And speaking of dreams unfulfilled… (sad-ish segue to start)


The For Sale sign is up out front so I’m not going to take a picture of that but I will start with my dog’s vantage point and that of any prospective buyer. As you step over the busted gate into the back yard a glance to your left will show that everything slopes toward your basement. Junk is strategically piled to fool the eye and the disconnected cables plus a broken clothesline are blatant distractions. I also like the piece of pried up aluminum (yep from the 60’s) siding corner cap is meant to draw your gaze away from the pressure washer graffiti on the big windowless wall.


As you can see from this lovely back yard shot pressure washing is not something best left up to an amateur. Those are not shadows on that back wall. 50 year old aluminum siding paint is basically a dusting of chalk at this point.  I am not sure that these house flippers own a television because every show on the subject I’ve ever seen talks about little details making all the difference. Yes, its a hundred times better than the hoarder house you purchased but come on… broken gate and random piles of junk bricks are bush league. And they are trying to get real money for this place. Also, no pictures accompany the online listing as of yet and you would think they would want to show off the newly renovated interior.

I am watching this thing like a hawk since they cut down all of the beautiful Buckthorn and left me no choice. I hope someone who gives a shit steals the house from these idiots and makes it something to be proud of. JINX. Now that I typed that bring on the Gypsy family.

*there is a small part of me that thinks this flipper is going through the motions so when it catches fire and burns to the ground they can say “but I spent all this money fixing it up…” I am storing a can of gas in the dog run just in case… much safer than in a closed garage…

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