hey stupid ever think about opening up a laundry service?


The answer to the question posed in the title is a HARD NO. I am not going to detail the debacle depicted above because I think the thousand words the photo provides are more than enough. I will tell you that this is my favorite sweatshirt in all the world and even this tragedy will not prevent its wearing. In fact I will be pressing ahead with my search for someone who sews to close both sides of the kangaroo pocket and put a zipper across the top. A Belly Pack (patent pending or trademark registered take your pick because I’m not doing wither) if you will. The fabric is just now, er within the last year, just right, meaning that it is the perfect combination of softness and worn out.

I will give a clue to my lunacy.If you zoom in on the shot you will see a black stain under the word football. A Qtip and bleach began this odyssey and I even had some matching blue dye on standby. Screaming a bouquet of swear during a delicate operation is never a good sign and I filled the air with an entire flower shop.

The site of this thing is dredging up bad feels so I am stopping now. Luckily Middle Child told me people pay money to have their clothes look like this… I’ll take unintentionally trendy over fucking idiot at this point.

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