unfunny brain dump move along

I am getting ready for a ding dong dilly of a road trip and my head is spinning. I have to pack, clear my calendar, do all the normal asspain away messages on e and voice mail etc. This would all be normal whining except part of my normal getting ready ritual sparked something I’ve wanted to write for a while and that is a list of my recommended podcasts. Then I realized how boring that would be because there are better writers out there actually taking the time to research things and give you unbiased reviews and such. I would just prattle on about the things that consume my time. And consume it does as that has been occupying all of my doing things around here and running errands time. I have a weird compulsion to complete a series once I start and there was a point on Saturday afternoon where my ears actually hurt. So I switched to over the ear headphones for the remainder of the afternoon and all was good.

Anyhow, I listen mostly to true crime type stuff, comedy, and random facts. Search any of that after the word podcast and you will get more info than I could ever provide. The one that consumed me this weekend was My Favorite Murder. This was a recommendation from a work friend and I couldn’t have been happier with it until I realized that there were close to 80 of the dam things. But I cleared them all and even managed to include a couple 48 hours episodes. I tried listening to a couple of the Dateline selections but my favorite host wasn’t on any of them. Keith Morrison is such an awesome voiced creep that I almost wet myself when I found out he could be my Waze navigator. Now random trips anywhere make me smile. “You’ve reached your destination…or have you?” great stuff.

I think I skipped the part where I download all of the shows I want to watch on any given trip. That includes downloading potential music, podcasts, books, and audiobooks on every device I could possibly use. Overkill? quite possibly but nothing makes me want to punch a hotel in the face faster than snails pace internet. If you want anything more than email and Twitter in a hotel room good luck OR pay them some exorbitant day rate for regular speed access. Complete horseshit. Just charge every guest and extra $2 and call it a win.

Things were coming at me from all sides over the weekend and I could barley keep up. Eldest child moving out, youngest child family birthday party, over-serving myself made for a troublesome Sunday but at least the boy wanted to see Logan so that was a plus. Nothing works on one of my hangovers quite like a giant popcorn and a pop. Plus my favorite loal theater has the reserved seats that recline.  I needed and probably still need a creation break as I try to figure out if this is worth the trouble once again. Plenty of on the road thinking time ahead so we shall see.



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