A present


I got a gift this trip that is pure magic. I pulled those socks on and immediately smiled. So happy was I that I propped them up on my bag’s bed and took this picture. Middle finger socks are now an integral part of my dress wardrobe. So good.

And yes my bag gets its own bed. This is my preferred on the road room configuration. The extra pillows alone are worth the choice but more importantly once your luggage wheels touch linens they are forever soiled.

If you roll a bag through an airport then your wheels are nasty. I’ve tried to stop noticing the wet wheel trails leaving men’s rooms all over the country. Trust me that precipitation does not come from overzealous hand washing. Be afraid of airport floors.

You usually give up a king size bed and a couch but that is no great loss. The couch is a landing pad for everyone’s bags AND they have no way to clean them. At least they swap the bedding once in a while. Even the bedspreads get cleaned on a schedule but not the couches.

Everything that has befouled that upholstery has left something behind and now that you read it try not to think about it the next time you stay somewhere. And while we’re talking travel cooties the TV remote is the dirtiest thing in any room. I have a friend that uses a tissue to slide it into a ziplock bag every stay.

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