As I sit here staring at a literal blank slate I am trying to plan out the future. I am in the home stretch of a financial obstacle course from hell so it might be time to turn positive thoughts back on. In the meantime I am waiting for the thing to dry because DIY FYI you need to put down a layer of chalk then wipe it off to season it or so I am told by the interwebs. I am heading out on the road again so the entire beautiful mind board will not be complete until next weekend at the earliest but right now the blankness is calming.

Friday night I boarded my plane and immediately fell asleep. An hour later I woke up when I sensed a bunch of movement around me and we were deplaning. For a brief second I thought I had Van Winkle time traveled and we were already in Chicago but a glance at my watch told me the bad news. It turned out that our flight crew couldn’t get the cockpit window closed. I had no idea there were operable windows up there so, painful lesson learned.  As we were waiting to get off my bulk head seat mate was bent out of shape. there was no one in-between us so I took that as a win but this delay had her on tilt. She made some comment that I didn’t hear so I couldn’t react the way she wanted and I made the naughty list.

Even as I held the door for her at the top of the jet way she just glared. I passed her on the march across the Houston airport due partially to my stride length and also her tiny feet supporting a massive superstructure. Seriously, like they were bound or transplanted, When she arrived at the gate she excused herself in front of me online making some angry statement about boarding first on the original plane. I casually mentioned that with me sitting at the window it would make more sense for me to go first she sucked her teeth and said it wasn’t going to happen. I let it go because I was tired but a minute later she was testing the design parameters of her carry-on bag by sitting on it.

She then proceeded to remove a shoe and massage her foot which kind of grossed me out. it must have shown on my face because when she looked up at me she immediately barked GOT A PROBLEM right in my general direction. I was tired and uncharacteristically not looking for a fight but I must have stared too long so she hit me with WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? That was too loud and now people around us were looking so I immediately shifted into shit blowing battle mode. “I’m just trying to figure out if that’s a hoof you’re rubbing.” Alas I knew this was yet another friend I would never have. In other, better news it made for a blissfully talk free return flight.

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