riddle me this


Flying in over the lake this afternoon was cool. I was trying to spy our little lake in Michigan at the top of the picture from the sky with no luck. Anyhow, I have a strange thought that I will turn into a post. I witnessed a lady come unglued at the airport after catching a guy glancing at her cleavage. I should report that I did not directly witness the ogle, only the aftermath, but it seemed like an overblown reaction. She sincerely roasted the dude by asking if he had ever seen a female breast before and some other words that I really paid no attention to. He was older and kind of looked like a black and white movie henchman but didn’t seem like an overly creepy lech.

As an amateur boobologist myself I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and it brought this thought to mind. She had an over-sized set of bolt-on upgrades that were held together by an industrial restraining device producing deep tanned cleavage. The neck of her shirt exposed a full quarter of each respective breast and dangling in the middle was a bright silver or white gold necklace thing that measured a shiny one inch wide by three inches long. It was so bright and reflective that your eves couldn’t help but go there. So my thought was “what did she expect”?

If I put on a diamond studded cod piece and wore it on the outside of my clothes rather than the normal way (I’ll let that one steep for a second) I would fully expect folks to glance at my package. She was basically dangling a shiny spinner lour between a part of her body that she had every right to be proud of but then got upset when someone looked. It was like a cruel test that no normal man could pass. Having never been a woman I have no idea what its like to have someone up and down glance me or talk directly to my chest but if I hated that feeling I doubt I would wear a neon bra.

All I can figure is that attention was desired but only from the right type of person. I laughed after the whole thing ended as the ninety plus year old woman next to me said she couldn’t stop staring at the necklace. She told me how old she was and I completely stole the neon bra line from her. Anyway, I’m not looking for answers here, just a puzzle I encountered along the way.


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