United Airlines has been turning into a sack of crap as it relates to customer service for years so maybe this poor dude they punched off of the plane will improve things. I took an earlier flight last night for half the regular cost and I’m not complaining. But I did have some chat time with one of the gate agents while they were switching my flights around. Aside from the ass kicking the worst things about that whole incident were the facts that they only offered him $800 for a first class seat and the fact that they couldn’t get him to St. Louis the next day. He would have to have waited 2 days. Then add in the fact that it was a move to shuttle 4 crew members down to work the next day again, IN ST. LOUIS. Get them each their own stretch limo for the 4 hour ride and call it a day. Holy shitsticks that little creep had every right to be upset. No one I know builds two days cushion into a trip. They deserve every bit of this shitestorm.

The security guys should count themselves lucky that the smallest dude on the flight flipped out. If I can’t get to a destination the next day in a reasonable amount of time lots of lives including my own livelihood are effected. I would like to see them unbuckle my seat belt if I really don’t want to get off. I will loop that thing around the buckle and tie it in a knot during the confrontation. I know they will taze me but I love a window seat so it will be tight quarters and snapping that little tray off to use as a shield wont be much of a problem. That’s only if I can’t get a hold of the person next to me in the unlucky human shield seat.

I will also not be taking a solely defensive posture. I’m thinking prison rules apply and I’m guessing that United doesn’t have a CRT team practiced in the art of angry mutant window seat extraction. Add my human shield and I probably get escalated to real live police before long. I can’t lay out my entire well thought out plan here as we just found out the United Airline investigative team is pretty good. They had all of the dirt on that little dude out in the press within a couple hours of the videos hitting the internet.

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