That creepy little cub scout with the mop of hair looking back at the camera is yours truly and I am about to encounter one of my childhood idols Lyle Alzado then of the Denver Broncos. Steroids were probably a factor in his life at that point because hey, everybody was doing it, but he hadn’t reached the abuse levels he would later enjoy with the Oakland Raiders. At this point in time I was about to meet my favorite member of my beloved Orange Crush defense and I was probably giving my parents eye signals about adding that very shirt to my Christmas list. If you are a regular reader confused by the Denver fandom I grew up in a suburb of that city and would have attended Columbine High School had we stayed.


This is me getting the actual signature. Whatever he was signing is long since lost to the actions of an irresponsible youth and poor photography prevents any and all investigative efforts. I am not sure what kind of dungeon this celebrity banquet was held in but the 70’s fashion on display rules. Take the blurry couple in the foreground both sporting turtle necks in drab earth tones or the gentleman behind them in a rust colored velveteen dinner jacket. classic.

One side note: I was unaware of any visually impaired relations at the time but someone in my life could not focus a photo for shit. Pity, but what am I supposed to do about it now? Get a headache from staring at the pics too long and move on I guess.

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