I know that post yesterday was a bit of a shitshow but I have no excuse or apology. Things really are flying around faster than recent memory but that is no reason I should crank out excrement. Speaking of poop, the poor dude in the room next to me has a tragic and audibly painful medical condition. If you are BM adverse change the channel right now. I’ll wait. Okay, I am trying to read myself to sleep every night and when that is happening I can hear everything going on around me in the hotel.

Last evening around eleven or so a small groan came from the room next door. As the bathroom connects to the empty wall across from the bed the acoustics were pretty good. It could have been anything from a bad day to exhaustion so I didn’t really think much of it until it began to repeat and increase in volume. At one point I couldn’t decide if a Scooby Doo villain was trying to scare me out of my room or some immediate medical attention was required. I think he finally birthed whatever was happening because a truncated scream ended all further sound.

My immediate thought was male episiotomy due to rock hard enormous turd and had he actually passed away from the strain I would have sent in an anonymous cause of death suggestion to the authorities. But I heard someone bumping around over there as I was getting ready this morning. I am deducing that he is alone because it would take an incredibly strong relationship to endure a screaming shit incident.

And now I will post a picture I took this morning because for some reason I have been linked by a photo blog website and my numbers have jumped. Hopefully those folks just look at the pictures and move along ignoring my pesky words. If not, gotcha!

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