catching up to do

I rarely know if I’m coming or going lately but I was cleaning out my pictures and stumbled across a couple I meant to post. I take a lot of shots of junk that I don’t want to keep on my cloud for the rest of my life. Sometimes they are things that make me laugh at the moment as in the case of a new Big & Tall weatherman in the twin cities.

Everyone enjoys seeing people who look like them and the adolescent bear just getting ready to hibernate community is no exception. I own a number of slimming dark suits and distracting ties. Food is delicious, now here is the forecast.

This next shot is an example of possible evidence in a need to cover my ass proceeding.

A pink Oompa Loompa was hard at work next door complete with matching pink protective eye wear and headphones. When I noticed she was piling tinder up against the broken fence and back of the house I figured the flippers had finally given up and it was time to torch the place. I took this photo to show that the pile of stuff obviously caught our old fence on fire which burned my entire house to the ground. How was I to know that storing gas in a secure section of my yard could lead to a total loss?

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