A weird set of developments put stupidtom.com in peril. I had a side hustle offer that would have meant some much needed extra cash but they frown on people writing their own stuff. This would have been under my real name so I didn’t understand the fuss but I did use the site and some of the stories as examples of my writing. This was weird because I have shuttered this thing before and not thought twice about it but something in the way I was TOLD didn’t feel right. I took an entire week to decide and I was all over the road. The money would have been nice but how long would I enjoy writing content for a web site that ultimately paid me very little and owned work published under my name. I passed but didn’t burn the bridge. Actually burning the bridge would be a step up from my normal parting of ways as I am fond of verbal explosives that destroy the foundation and alter the banks ensuring that no one shall pass that way again.

I realize I have said almost nothing with this post details wise but again I am overcome with some uncharacteristic good sense. And in related news something came up at work this week which might have killed said same side job regardless. Then I would have taken this thing down only go through the hemorrhoid of reconstruction. So I’m back and you didn’t even know I was gone. I have a Snapchat where people I know entertain me with short videos of their lives. The program asked me to set up a code that I could send people allowing them to get to my site. I used my creepy cub scout stalker about to meet Lyle Alzado face because its blurry and makes me laugh. If you understand how to work one of those be my guest but I think you are already reading where it will send you.

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