I was up at the lake this past weekend and it took every ounce of self control I posses to ignore and not ignite that pile of sticks in the fire pit. I am still surprised by the view minus the giant hollow tree but that is not what I’m writing about today. I was also up there to look at a couple boats. I was given some good unwitting advice from someone I was haggling with online and it ramped up my search. He told me that right now he was more willing to deal because he already bought another boat and just wanted to get rid of the one we were talking about. His was a little out of my price range but the wisdom was solid. I am looking for a beater that is strong and reliable enough to pull my family and friends around on the lake. No more big cruising pontoon boats because we can swim just fine right off the dock. With my new found knowledge of possible desperation it was worth the trip plus I had an internet issue to work out with the a-holes at ComCrap.

Anyway, after exchanging ten emails with one dude from Craigslist who is in town, and him telling me that everything was great but it needed just a little vinyl repair, I got excited because his craft fell right in to what I could swing on my own. I figured that I would buy a couple rolls of Gorilla tape and reupholster the thing that way. He included what I assumed to be a picture of the worst of the damage.


Nope… This was the interior glamour shot. Since this was the best of the seating I took a pass even after he lowered his price. When he asked me why I told him how expensive that work was even if you were trying to do it yourself and he just replied with a  dejected “I know…”  The next one I saw was stunning but a little out of reach and it turns out I might have to enact last years drunken idea of everyone buying shares in a watercraft. Every year we talk about renting a boat but with no marina on the lake and scarcity driving up demand one weeks rental is half the cost of a used boat. The associated ass pain of maintenance, winterization, storage, insurance, etc. is all rolled in to that price which would squarely fall on the shoulders of yours truly but such is the price of fun. I will keep you posted as I might have another date up there this weekend as well.

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