Why is everyone obsessed with happiness?

The title of this might be misleading because I understand the concept of happiness and the desire to feel that way but the part that escapes me is this pursuit of constant happy. I don’t know about you but to me that sounds exhausting. I need to rewind a bit before I get past the point of making sense. (I know, why start now…)
I read quite a bit because it calms my brain down. I like pleasure reading more than business or self help but I have to constantly tackle those areas in an effort to stay relevant in my work. But I have to admit that I cheat. I’m a subscriber to a spectacular service called Blinkist. This is not an add or hidden fluff job as I am just a paid subscriber who loves the work they do. Basically they boil down the mountains of books that seem to just keep coming out to their best points or “blinks”. This allows yours truly to grasp the concept of a book without having to speed read them all.
Then if something grabs my attention I can buy it and add the title to my ever growing backlog of things to read. I am also an Audible subscriber but that is mostly for pleasure listening. When I read a business type book I like to take notes and figure out how I can make concepts relate to the people I work with. This is hard to do while driving, cutting the lawn, or listening to something as a way to keep annoying strangers at bay.
Anyway, I tell you all that as I spent last week catching up on a bunch of that backlog while I was on vacation. I noticed a trend in the things I had saved which was an unending quest for happiness. Like I said before, I get the concept but I don’t really understand it. I think most people are confusing a search for happy with a feeling of peace.
Peace to me means contentment. Happy is awesome, and fun, and the best, and you never want it to end… until it actually never ends and then you are either in an asylum or Hell. Peace is that feeling that no matter what personal ass pain you are currently enduring things generally work out. Not always for the better as the closes a door opens a window crowd will imply. By the way, as a larger than normal human, I always felt that the door window trade was ridiculous. I am not climbing my fat ass out a window unless the structure is on fire and even then I might consider crashing through the burning door Hey KoolAid style…
I also think that people from my generation and younger have had things a little soft in this country. No major conflicts or catastrophes that have caused widespread trouble so nothing to toughen us up. Way too much time to think about how our relatively cushy lives aren’t living up to the fairytales in our minds. The bullshit “perfect lives” we see on tv and in the movies don’t help much either. I think this constant happiness thing also has a lot to do with social media.
Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, are a constant best of reel. People posting their lives in a near perfect light hoping to keep up with or surpass their online friends. There are some people who post not so great things but most of them are fishing for some sympathy. I would sign up for and participate in Honestbook or Screwedupstagram. Places where you post some of the everyday hemorrhoids of life. Picture of me standing in front of a crunched up car wondering what the hell this is going to cost.
Anyway, I let this train get off the tracks and head down the street so I should wrap this up. Stop reading all of the same thoughts on getting happy and try just being okay with everything you are right now.

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