What’s up?

I am all over the road like a drunk with somewhere to be. If you landed on this writing for some reason other than a blind-squirrel-nut scenario, then, welcome. Quick recap for those who might be reading here for the first time and you were also unlucky enough to have this be the first thing you read… sorry. I wrote one of these for a long time. From 2001 to roughly 2013 long until I ultimately burned out. I tried unsuccessfully on and off in the years between then and now but that is neither here nor there. (I really wish I knew if that ending made complete sense context wise. It might help if I actually knew what it meant. oh well, pressing on.)

If you read down to the eight or so posts I imported from Blogger you will see a weak attempt at getting back into a rhythm. Not so great but in my defense that platform stinks. This is how they expect you to post from the bullshit iphone workaround…


Yes it is completely free but you get what you pay for in every way. The biggest blockade preventing my posting was complete lack of a mobile way to post. They discontinued their own app, the third-party solutions are infuriating and don’t get me started on the aforementioned mobile web page. So that is what brings us here back to my old friend WordPress.

I’ve challenged myself to create something every single day. Sometimes that means at work, sometimes that means drawing (I’m currently practicing on my iPad and if there is every anything I don’t immediately hate I will post it here) and then there is writing. I will not be posting every day as a rule because life gets in my way. Also, I came back to the service and paid the lowest possible price ($48 per year) so I could point my beloved domain name somewhere other than a FOR SALE page for the next 4 years. (in my defense I got a screaming deal on a bunch of ownership years)

I hate paying for this thing but it makes me happy when I write on the regular so it is a relatively small price to pay. (say some form of “pay” again you idiot) I’m currently in the midst of doing all the boring behind the scenes nonsense so don’t look for much until that crap is complete. Give me five days or so.


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