I demand reconsideration

I have always had a simple dream of being stuffed and mounted when I die. Specifically, I want to be posed in an attacking bear pose complete with the snarl on my face, teeth exposed, fingers acting like claws, you get the picture. When I brought this up years ago in front of our lawyer my wife came down with a hard NO and I was crushed.

Lumbering around on reddit yesterday I came across this picture and it gave me renewed hope…


* if this is your picture and or your relative or friend I apologize for not giving you the proper credit for this amazing image. The internet is the Wild West of stolen photography and I will gladly give you all proper credit in exchange for a little backstory and this man’s incredible life.

Dead as you can get but style for miles. The crown, the tux, the shoes, the shades, the throne… Holy crap the THRONE. It’s amazing and I fully expect him to be entombed on it. This fella is a king beyond compare and he is either surrounded by people who love him this much or he found some badass way to force his relations to comply.

Our lawyer was trying to diffuse what he perceived as a tense situation when he mumbled something about human taxidermy not being legal. So maybe I’m using the wrong word, change it to whatever his highness requested. And if I need to get welding a rebar support structure just let me know. The only thing I don’t understand is the velvet rope. My pose is precisely so my friends can all come up and take pictures with me.

I will live on forever with stories that start something like “you won’t believe how this idiot I know looked at his funeral…”


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