I have been trying to wean myself off of Facebook for more than a month now. I started with once a day then got to the once a week stage where I currently find myself. I usually get it done during the week and by get it done I have to check a few things for work as well as keep tabs on one particular nefarious character in my life who can’t help but post his every everything. (sorry that is so cryptic but this is one of the few things in my life I won’t write about publicly)

The reason I hate it so much, aside from the load of crap related to selling, is the posts from my “friends” are all complete bullshit. Its this neverending rose colored reflection of their lives that makes me cringe. One fella who can’t stop sharing his terrible home situation with me over the phone posted a no exaggeration four paragraph soliloquy on how great things are. I read it twice and took a picture for future reference. I wasn’t really sure what was happening but you can bet the next time he brings up problems I’m going to ask about it.

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea here as I am not the someone who hates the happy person. I love watching people have a good time. I love posts about old friends getting together and laughing their faces off or pictures of running into someone you loved from your past out of nowhere. It’s the constant, staged, look at me and how great things are posts that get under my skin.

Sundays are the worst because all of my religious “friends” check in at church so they can feel a little better than. I also like when they paraphrase a nice bible quote just in case I didn’t get the whole I WENT TO CHURCH TODAY message. That is usually followed by the family fun or the meal or whatever rounds out their perfect day.

I’ve written before (don’t bother looking it was long ago and no longer on the site, sorry) about my alternative platform called shitebook. It’s a place where you can only post unfiltered reality. Like a forced family fun day gone sour or videos a salty older relative acting like a fly in the punch bowl at a party. Shitebook could still have some fun in it but the pictures would all be taken with wide angle fisheye lenses so you see the three old friends smiling grouped together but you also catch the one not so old friend glaring at them during the shot.

If I were being honest I would post something about now every week about the Sunday Scaries. That time when the day is over (usually when all of the days football games end and I only have a single night game left) and I enevidably start thinking about my week. I truly love my job but staring down the barrel of what I need to get done in the next five days is rarely pleasant. Once work starts its all good but my broken brain begins screwing with me somewhere around seven on Sunday nights.

I know I’m rambling but I already mentioned that the week is weighing down on me and I checked Facebook like an idiot. Time to make a list and calm myself down before another week. This is one of those posts that feels like I just hot burped on an electronic page. oh well.

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