First, if you are one of the half dozen people or so that I warned about this reopening, then I apologize for the technical difficulties. Turns out I didn’t read the fine print about the transition. It would also seem that my internet nomadic lifestyle is once again biting me in the ass as random posts from an older version of the site somehow trapped on their servers keep randomly showing up. If you see anything before 2018 here without a picture or with broken links just try to ignore it.

The technical side of putting this stuff out on the internet drives me nuts. I could post somewhere that makes it easy but those places all bother me for one reason or another. I don’t connect this site with any of my real social media because I hate explaining the crap I post off the top of my head during a flash of of inspiration or havent posted in awhile desperation. I am selective about my real life friends who know because they get it. There was a time when more folks than I was comfortable with were tuning in and things got bumpy.

How bumpy you might be wondering? Had a couple going through some marital issues and during a fight printed posts from this site were held up and eventually thrown. The posts in question weren’t even about the people who were fighting but nobody brought me in on the action until much later. Also got yelled at by my dad once for upsetting my mom so that was fun. Lengthy way to say the real life reader list is limited and you will never see this stuff on my social media.

This was supposed to be about the site randomly disappearing this morning so please bare with me during the transition. And speaking of transitions I am currently growing my hair out. No not the hair on my head as no one needs to see a small island of hair surrounded by a C shaped isthmus connecting my ears. I am talking about my facial hair. I have just entered what can only be described as the crazy person phase.


This is the point where I need to decide if I want to go through the asspain of grooming every day or just trimming it back to normal height. I woke up with bed face this morning which was a new development. Bask in the glory that is the depicted old man attempting to take a selfie.

Had to throw something in to try and save this boring blog on blog crime.

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