The stupidtom game has changed. I used to write this thing as a way for my kids to get different view of their dad but now that they are older and can choose to have adult conversations with me so that no longer makes sense. Plus, I delivered a pdf of this crap to each one just before their freshman year in college so there’s that…

This relaunch has more to do with my personal need to create. Three months ago I challenged myself to make something every day and it was a struggle because it lacked structure. Posting on something like this helps hold me accountable. I have been drawing again and eventually when I feel comfortable I will post some of those here. I have been playing around with photography during this challenge but most of what you get on this site is in the HOLY CRAP I NEED TO REMEMBER THAT variety.

Writing makes me happy. It satiates my need to create and calms me down. I am ultimately doing this for me so there are no rules or greater purpose. This site has no theme other than whatever chunk of my brain lands on the page. I write in my own style which is far from correct. I have a weird habit of putting comments inside of italicized parenthesis. (I probably stole this from some famous author but I have no idea who or when. this example doesn’t seem forced at all…) I am an atrocious speller and the rules of grammar never stuck in my brain for some reason. So if you are here looking for polished prose then change the channel immediately.

I used to have a bunch of arbitrary rules associated with this thing as well. The biggest was don’t talk to stupidtom about stupidtom. This was back when an uncomfortable amount of my real life friends were reading this thing and it got weird at parties. Now it no longer matters. If you know me feel free to talk away.

I also got real squirrely about my privacy. That is weird for someone writing essentially about themselves for fifteen minutes a day so that is no longer a thing. I don’t have my real name attached directly to this because I like it to be selectively anonymous. The average search off the street can’t find it. I had a brief stint writing on Medium and some people I work with came across it during a random search slash cyber-stalk so I shut that shitshow down. I also won’t link it to my social media because this is not a search for approval. If it were I would promote and link it everywhere. I am a linkedIn whore and could immediately increase my readers if I linked posts there. Anyway, this was a bigger sack of bore than I initially intended, but the site still isnt up to 100% reliability so I’m not really concerned.


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