Had a scheduled intruder in the house today as the cable guy dropped by to do some work. Things needed to be moved and upgraded but we are now back up and running. I just let the furry mental patients back in the house after a rare morning outside bitching at the neighborhood. There is a new puppy next door which has thrown off the entire row of dogs and the morons that live in my house are leading the trapped in their individual backyards pack.

I had a big pile of time to kill while the dude was here so I knuckled down and wrote a bunch of stuff for work. My normal writing time is first thing in the morning just before I start my day but that time was spent getting ready for the tech. I needed some rewiring and I wanted no potential excuses. Things were shut down, moved away from the wall, the crawl space was well lit, and the detritus from my wifenado was concentrated into a single room.

I had someone ask me about hooking this up to Twitter because they found that an easier way to keep track of when I post. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I don’t want to connect this to my real name social media just to avoid any awkwardness. So I tried to log in to the stupidtom account that I had forever only to find that the account had been suspended. The most likely reason is the machine flagged it as fake due to the registered name being Stupid Tom. I suppose I could file an appeal but if they required proof that my parents named me Stupid all progress would stop anyway so no need. One less thing.

I might just add it to my real name Twitter at some point but I will need to weed that garden of followers first. The only other bummer is that was my online anonymous fight account. I sometimes want to snipe from a nest of anonymity and now I will have to make up another burner account. I wish I could find some of those old Tweets because once in an online fight I had a Twitter fight with myself to add legitimacy. There is probably a way but I’m having enough trouble trying to track down all the broken links from my older imported posts.

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