If you zoom in on this picture you will see a tractor dragging a screen across the beach and I have been watching him for the last half hour.

When we lived in Arizona I absolutely loved having rocks for a front yard. I treated it like a not so zen garden. Every decorative rock and cactus had raked radiating ripples (not sure why it felt so weird to type that…) that were set against a background of lines parallel to the house.

I knew when something or someone had disturbed the flow of chi in my yard and it felt so good to make things right again. That’s why that job in the picture looks so great. I come out every morning and make the beach right again if only for a few fleeting minutes before the first fat foot (what is up with me and the three words beginning with the same letter… I am officially annoyed) ruins it.

Do this at dawn then head over to my noon time bartender gig. Okay I need to stop right there because the only way I had the patience to watch a guy drag a section of chain link fence across the sand is because I am riding the crest of a monster hangover.

Typing bartender made me think of alcohol which made me think of shots which triggered a hot-burp directly from Hades. Now that my teeth have been etched clean by acid I should get back to the business of getting to the airport.

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