I’m not sure about anyone else but I usually enjoy solving the puzzle that is slightly screwed up electronics. Okay, I am completely full of crap. I can’t stand it when things don’t just do what they are supposed to do. It’s the deal. I spend a metric crap ton of money and it’s just supposed to work.

Years ago I broke up with Apple for breaking that agreement only to find that the wonderful world of Android made my electronic life harder. (Please resist posting any apple vs android comments as I could not care less) I switched back and haven’t looked back. I tell you this to set the table about some technology I find myself shackled to at work that turned my day completely upside down.

I hate the issued laptop so much that I travel and train with an iPad that is my own. So I was gone for a week and couldn’t really sleep last night finding myself up at six in the morning trying to get ahead of my expense report when this happened

This might look normal if you have some fancy multipurpose laptop but that isn’t what you are seeing. I turned it on and none of the keys are responding plus I have a sideways display that I’m mostly sure is not supposed to happen.

I tried different things for two frustrating hours before giving up and moving on. There’s nothing I can do until Tuesday because we are closed tomorrow. (Not because we honor directionally challenged Italian explorers but because we weren’t done with work until Saturday) I’m just going to calm my ass down and figure out another way to work until things get fixed.

Holy shiitake mushrooms this is frustrating.

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