spun up

When you last left me I might have seemed calm for a guy who had the wheels come off of his work technology. Flash to a day and a half later and I am in a much better place. I was on a rollercoaster ride until I decided to shift all of my attention toward setting up my personal computer to be a better work machine than the sideways facing turd in my office. If I were to explain what all I did you would be worse off for knowing me. Lets just say that a big pile of steaming geek later I am back to happy.

I did have a pretty major lapse in judgement at one point as I headed over to the local Best Buy to see if the Geek Squad had any ideas. I went in knowing that there would be a charge but this was right in the middle of my as yet unresolved desperation so I wasn’t thinking clearly. The only thing I knew for sure was the machine wasn’t going to get sent anywhere and I needed to be confident that the person I handed it to was competent. I hadn’t even talked to the company that supports our technology at that point but I figured if it was easily fixed I could pay something to be up and running without interruption.

Spoiler Alert! nope. But I am writing this because I got so spun up it worried me. The kid behind the desk was a Dick in name and overall demeanor. It was actually Rick but you can’t fool me. Anyway, they must deal with a bunch of blithering idiots because even after my admittedly lengthy description of everything that had happened and everything I tried to fix it he treated me likewise.

  • Has the computer come in contact with liquids?
  • Has it been dropped from a height greater than (truthfully I can’t remember what the acceptable bounce height was)?
  • Are you the only user of this machine?

These wouldn’t have been bad questions if I hadn’t covered all of those points in my opening sentences. Its like I didn’t even speak earlier. I even mentioned that I understood there would be a charge and that I wouldn’t mind paying it as long as someone there had some idea what was happening and it didn’t have to get shipped anywhere. So when he mentioned the $99 diagnostic like I might not have the funds available to cover such an extravagance… I came unglued.

He had some rudimentary customer service training but I do that for a living to it was pretzel tying time. I asked if I could finance the charge and he said that I could put it on my Best Buy credit card. I then asked it that would be zero percent for six months or double points. When he got back from the manager with the answer I already knew he got a further series of questions about personal checks and splitting the cost across multiple payment types. After fifteen minutes I grew tired and told him to cancel the transaction we had begun as I would be sending the offending laptop in to Dell.

upon later reflection in the glass of our front doors to be precise I did notice I was giving off a strong possibly homeless vibe. Crazy unkempt beard mustache combo, t-shirt that I paint in, less than my best shorts, my favorite flip flops that have a minor duct tape repair… and a decidedly surly disposition

No good reason for my behavior other than the fact that I was a person in need of help and instead of calming me down by providing some, this idiot decided to treat me as less than no matter what I looked like. If that store wants to be more than Amazon’s showroom they really need to step up their game. [END BORING OLD MAN COMPLAINTS]


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