We had some speakers at our annual meeting last week and one of them got in my head. John Maxwell is an inspiring muthaeffa but not in a televangelist sort of way. He was more like a logic bomb. I took three pages of notes and I won’t bore you with my thoughts other than I took his words as a challenge.

He talked a lot about being a positive in people’s lives and constantly growing as a person. Changes are already afoot and one of them might affect this nonsense. I am participating in https://nanowrimo.org/ with a friend from work who also took the words to heart so don’t be surprised if I post some segments of the novel here. Mostly due to the fact that this little experiment is going to burn a pile of my creative time and outside of work energy.

Speaking of energy… (all hail the triumphant return of the Segue King) The other speaker was Jon Taffer and I am happy to report that he is exactly as he appears on TV. So much so that by the time he was done yelling for just over an hour straight I was exhausted. He was soaked with sweat and his voice held a little gravel but he maintained the same energy throughout. Amazing. I completely stopped paying attention to his message because he didn’t do any research on our group or industries and I hate forced bullshit in a paid professional speech but the prospect of live action collapse held my gaze.

I was slightly over served later that night but some friends whisked me away to load up with food so no harm no foul. I’ve got to go as I am the speaker next week and there are changes to be made.

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