I walked outside today to grab the mail only to cross paths with a political paperhanger. Since my neighborhood is not an urban environment these pests have to cram crap in the mailbox or rubber band it to your door. I was attempting a quick interaction by telling him to keep his printed materials because it was going right in the recycling bin which I still don’t completely believe goes to a different place than my trash.

Not one to be deterred he pressed on by spouting some issue based question but before he could finish I asked him what he believed. As he began to answer I interrupted by letting him know that I am vehemently opposed to that stance and therefor demand that he exit my driveway immediately. He was a little puzzled by my response and I had some time to kill before my next call so I explained.

This state is completely screwed and you and all the other idiots that chose to do this for a living can do nothing but argue. I would actually vote for someone who walked up and said they didn’t print anything this election cycle and were donating all of that money to local shelters and food banks. Instead you waste money on oversized post cards that no one reads and then I’m supposed to believe that you or your shitwit candidate will be a good steward of taxpayer funds. Please put me on the Angry Resident That Hates Random Strangers Showing Up At His House list when you get back to your waste of even more money headquarters.

It must be that they just can’t figure out what else to do. If they were smart they would concentrate all of their efforts on retirement communities. Those folks love to talk some politics in the middle of the day. Any day or all day. Crap, that is a good idea. Mental note for the next wandering moron. P.S. If you are politically active in your neighborhood and are contemplating leaving me a comment about how this country works or some other gem please don’t. Let me just cut to the end of our online interaction by saying no one likes you.

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