just no


The above picture is entitled Breach of Trust and I took it earlier today. My formerly beloved chain of gas station slash convienience stores called Speedway has completely fallen off of the cleanliness wagon and I am done. This is the third location where random black flakes have shown up in my cup of ice pre pop pour. I know this because the initial violation was some black muck nuggets that had floated post Diet Coke and ever since I have been inspecting all ice.

Not really sure whats happening here as a sealed system making and dispensing ice right above the fountain was my former gold standard. Now my world is turned upside down. All frozen water is now subject to thourough inspection and this adds another layer of asspain into an already annoying habit. This could be the gods of health trying to tell me something but screw them. As I always say “I’ve seen that last ten years of life and you can keep them.”

To further drive that personal point home I stumbled upon a video of a group of nursing home prisoners in their wheelchairs encircling what appears to be a dining room table. Each one is armed with an empty paper towel roll and they are batting balloons back and forth at each other in some cruel form of physical activity mockery. At that point I will be trussed up in a corner like Hannibal Lecter because I have tried to take myself out using every available means.

Now I’m rethiking NOT drinking the random black ice boogers…

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