Our training this week is being conducted in a big hotel convention center complex. The event is tiny compared to this gathering I am currently spying on. This is one of the most awesome collections of quirky I’ve ever witnessed and it’s not because they are trying. This is all engineers and the people who sell to them.

My no exaggeration eccentricity list currently reads:

  • Prosthetic arm
  • Prosthetic leg – knee down
  • Nasal cannula x2
  • Nasty complete arm burn all the way up to face. ouch
  • Greek fisherman’s cap
  • Backpack fannypack combo same guy

I am most likely the biggest weirdo sitting here wide eyed while thumb typing in my phone but I can’t help myself. I just heard these are the engineers who supply power across the whole country and Canada. It’s some kind of electrical engineering group which added a new level of sympathetic pain to the burnt dude.

The two guys with the portable oxygen rigs look like a bunch of fun and I would like to join them for dinner. The one dude keeps laughing and I think his flow is turned up higher than he’s used to because there is flutter when he opens his mouth. Best description on it would be he’s gargling with air.

Too late, here come my coworkers. Got to go

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