Jackson’s Ville

As I prepare to leave scenic wait, scenic doesn’t really cover the experience as it was most memorably olfactory. The smells in this town are a direct punch in the nostrils and as you walk around they just keep coming. It started with our hotel on the river.

We later found out that a short time ago the whole thing was shut down due to a massive sewer backup. So bad in fact that certain areas were declared uninhabitable due to the overwhelming stench. Gagging guests is not the look that most establishments are aiming for and I would bet it cost a pretty penny to make things right for evacuated visitors.

Just as you walk outside it hits you all at once. Sulfur mixed with aged human excrement slices through all available oxygen and triggers you bodies self preservation systems. After you walk far enough away and try to breathe again you realize that holding your breath has caused the suspended molecules to settle on your tastebuds and mucus membrane.

Walking and breathing deep you come across the distinct smell of hot garbage and sadness. Then a whiff of something unpleasant that you can’t quite place sneaks in and you’ve walked a total of three blocks at this point.

I joked with my friends that this is the first place I could give directions by scent… “when it smells like a tire fire turn left”

I’m sure there are lovely parts of this city I just didn’t see any. Officially scratched from the potential retirement places.

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