Getting ready for another trip I find myself a little jammed up. When I have these multiple trip runs I can get snagged inside of my own skull while trying to cram a weeks worth of work into a single day. It boils down to that wholly unsatisfying feeling that comes from thinking you are missing something. There is absolutely no basis in reality for this thinking as I am a bit of a list nerd and I know that everything I set out to accomplish is finally crossed off but none the less it lingers.

It doesn’t help matters that my bride is still getting used to her new job so she works late every single night. Which means that my normal time alone with my thoughts is extended by two or three hours when I’m home. It could also be that my final call of the day was an endless loop of circular logic I couldn’t escape.

The caller was thinking about quitting her job because the people there were messing with her. They are in a warmer part of the country and the office air conditioning is still on. The part where she mistakenly thinks folks are screwing with her comes from the space heater she has under her desk. Her complaint is that no matter how high she turns it up she never gets warm. In fact, she told me, the warmer her legs get the colder her head and arms become.

I tried to explain that she was dumping heat into a room that the system was trying to cool so in fact she was adding to the problem but that did not compute. She answered me on the second round with “but I have the heater turned all the way up when the office isn’t very cold so it should warm me and the office up. Then someone cranks the air conditioning down and I freeze.” It would be funny if I were not being asked to help.

I gave it three solid tries until I just gave up. I suggested she might have the same problem anywhere she works in that area and maybe she should try moving to a cooler climate and I think I broke a spring in her head. All jobs have problems I told her and I meant it.

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