Not sure but don’t like

I’m staying in an unfamiliar setting for a single night and so far I’m less than impressed. First it’s a former athletic club. I’m not sure what these things were back in the day but I now know there were shenanigans afoot.

Innocent looking bedroom until you look around for the bathroom and are confronted by two doors. The first leads here.

Creepy sink and toilet with a drain in the floor and room for 10 adults. Door #2…

I feel like the extra space in both these rooms were for tables straps and equipment. But the scariest thing of all

The only floor with ice has a completely unacceptable system. Not only does it not make its own frozen water which means I have to trust everyone who fills it to use a clean bucket but it holds the ice in a frozen container of its own filth.

If you think it’s fine watch the office episode where Kevin’s feet hurt and then talk to me. I need to go on an ice hunt now.

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