I am straight up salty. Work was the first full day back from two weeks on the road so it was a complete day of back to back to back to back to back scheduled appointments. Makes it hard to catch your breath or even pee for that matter. And before you think something smartassed about being in control of my schedule you are half right. We use an online calendar service called which gives the people I talk to direct access to my schedule. The screwup on my end occurred due to the aforementioned road trip where I failed to block even a half hour for lunch.

This little block of whining was only to set the stage for my overall mood. With that as a backdrop everything else I came across today was on my last nerve and seemed to be surrounded by dollar signs. literally. every. single. thing. I came across outside of work today cost money. So much so in fact that I just finished applying to a couple side gigs to generate some much-needed extra cash.

I can earn myself more money at my current gig and I really love the work but the only way to do that is to travel more. Double edged sword right there as the road time can add to my overall feeling of twistedness. It’s a strange point I currently find myself occupying. Dissatisfaction is coming from all sides. It’s weird to think this way but I would really love boiling my life down to essentials as a way to find out what really matters.

I know all the cliché answers but I really want to know for ME. It would be super awesome if this were the beginnings of my midlife crisis and me with no money to buy stupid crap. Poor decisions are as always free so I’ve got that going for me.

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