baby in a corner

I am not at my best when I am cornered or maybe I really am. I had some trouble today with some folks attempting to force a black or white opinion on me and I was not having it. The issue revolved around killing things out in nature. I am not a hunter but consider myself a meatetarian and am a big fan of guns even though I don’t own one. Probably the main reason I don’t hunt is I am too easily bored. My favorite quiet pastime is either reading or listening to books. No kind of moral stance just a statement of fact.

I had a kick ass shotgun in college and loved blowing clay flying saucers into bits. My friends took me pheasant hunting once but I had to dig two graves for killing the wrong sex. I’m still not clear which one it is okay to take down and I did wonder why no one else was shooting but I felt pretty good knocking those things down with only one wasted shot.

I also got to go bow hunting once. Come to think of it once seems to be a theme. I got so bored in my tree stand after I finished my book that I drifted off to sleep because it was still morning and what the hell else was there to do. When I awoke there were still no moving targets in sight so I started putting arrows into trees. This did not make the guy whose extra gear I was using very happy so I spent the rest of that weekend as camp cook followed by Otis the Drunk.

No need to speak of duck hunting except to let you know I watched way too many world war two movies as a kid and considered that exercise as a naval battle against a winged adversary.

I was interacting with some hunters and enjoying the banter back and forth between the hunters and those opposed. When pressed to take a side I refused and that’s when things got bumpy. Weird argumentative pressure was coming from both ends until I felt trapped. You would think the hunters would have known how dangerous that could be but not so much. I ended up going after everyone who fired a shot (pun intentional and brilliant) way past the point of civility as sometimes is my way.

I’m going to let this one alone for a couple of days to let things heal up then pretend none of it happened. I’m not retelling the dialog here as I think there was a reader involved. If you are out there pretend this is about everyone else but you.

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