just ONE


So here I am in my darkened office looking out at the waves of trick or treaters blowing through the neighborhood. I imagine that lots of creeps all across this country are doing much the same except my pants are on and I’m attempting to get some work done. I purposely didnt schedule any calls after 3:45 when school lets out because the dogs are complete mental patients and its hard to carry on a business conversation with the sounds of tortured animals barking like crazy and hurling themselves against doors in the background.

I am not the biggest fan of this holiday and handling it alone as my bride works late is the sour cherry on this shit sundae. Thankfully I can wander over to the window and scare the life out of the older kids who think its cool to ignore my pleasant directional signage.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Please take one.

Nothing better than a screamed HEY! coming from the window behind them as one smartass suggests that the other just take the whole thing. I had to venture outside after the second scare because a kid was holding the plastic cauldron and when he ran he spilled it and his own candy everywhere. Its like birds bringing seeds to a feeder.

The cute little ones are almost done so I will load the last receptacle up soon and be done with it. I’m not much concerned with the pranks of today’s soft serve youth. They might give my house a bad yelp review.

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