That was close

I have a trip this week that was almost completely screwed before it began. I book my own travel for a whole slew of reasons the biggest of which is that any screwups are my own. We have a corporate travel agent but when things go sideways as they are want to do they become hard to get on the phone and their isn’t a ton of urgency on their end. Like me discovering trouble on a Sunday morning wouldn’t have much chance of getting their help to fix it until sometime Monday morning and that doesn’t work for me.

So this morning I was wondering why I hadn’t yet received my normal check in reminder from United but I figured it was a glitch in the system. I logged into the app only to discover that I had made the dreaded AM/PM mistake on this trip. Getting in at 1:30AM to drive an hour and a half to the hotel and have to get up at 5:30am just wasnt going to work. Even if I pulled it off I would not be delivering my best and booking me late at this time of year is not a discount situation.

I wont bore you with the panicked details other than to say it is now fixed and I am $300 poorer but I have no one to blame but myself. I can’t even turn this one in on expenses because it was all me. It is beyond annoying but it could have been worse. When I called to make the change I had no agenda and started with the fact that it was completely my fault. I actually got a thank you from the Customer Service representative on the other end of the phone.

She went on to tell me that most people try to tell some kind of story about how the online booking system must have switched or screwed things up somehow or some other tale that made it not their fault. Others get real shitty about a price difference when booking the day before or the day of a flight and don’t think they should be charged. For my abnormal not pain in the assness she waved the $200 change fee. So I’ve got that as a bright side to glance upon.

And just to make sure all other aspects of the trip align with an afternoon arrival. I just zoned out on the flights. I’m not gonna lie, this one is going to sting for quite a while.

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