Peeve amplified

I’m not really sure what the word peeve means and I am way too cranky to look it up. The thing I am talking about is something that bugs the living shite out of me that other people don’t seem to notice. Before I get in to this I should warn you that everything is escalated due to mandatory Sunday travel for a Monday all company meeting.

My problem comes from the way some people just saunter through airports. When you find yourself in a busy travel thorofare you should be moving with purpose and have your head on a swivel. Just because you have all the time in the world doesn’t mean that applies to everyone else.

And before you even start some lesson about allowing plenty of time… most people rushing are doing that because of circumstances beyond their control. Case in point a young man who was obviously in the military trying to hustle through the annoying lights and sounds tunnel connecting two terminals at O’Hare.

Everyone else pulled over as is custom to allow a fellow traveler in distress to hurry by on the moving walkway. Shortly after he passed me I noticed that he hit a clog. Some really important dude was talking to his equally important friend in the other lane. After a couple of polite attempts to let him by that were met with derisive looks he jumped over the dudes wheeled luggage and kept moving.

Slightly embarrassed the big shot shouted something about manners and then looked around. My resting bitchface must have been turned all the way up because he hit me with a WHAT?

“You are an asshole. That’s what.” Was my reply and he really ramped up. He might have been showing out for his friend as he was weaving an impressive tapestry of swear. The smile on my face probably made things worse but I landed on my retort early and he was doing an impressive job.

By this time we were on the two story escalator and had a captive audience. As we neared the top I said way louder than I needed to ” your wig isn’t fooling anyone.” The victory and discomfort were palpable. I got nothing back which was disappointing because I had two or three hair hat related observations in the chamber.

The point is you are free to roam around at your own pace just be mindful of others along the way. And if you are a dude don’t wear a wig but if you have to don’t be an asshole.

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