So this happened

The mustache has reached an awesome and awkward stage right now and I am firmly on the fence about it. On the one hand it is majestic and curly which makes me laugh every time I see myself in the mirror. But on the other hand it is turning into a bit of a pain in the ass or more anatomically correctly, pain in the upper lip.

If I were to keep something like this on a regular basis it would require products and regular topiary type maintenance. I’m not really sure I’m up to the task. But it also makes me laugh every morning as I glance in the mirror and see my bed face. one side of this thing all jacked up and sometimes pointing straight out in a mirror image 3D effect.

So for right now and probably until the end of Movember it stays. I can wear my hair down if I want to be more casual and for things like work related video recordings where I need to look kind of like the guy in the other ones.

I should also mention that this thing is definitely polarizing. No one is really undecided. They either love it or hate it and my bride is firmly planted in the second camp. Life, much like my facial hair, can be a pisser some times.

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