Nanowrimo is no mo

I think I mentioned that I was participating in National Novel Writing Month which is an online challenge where you crank out a 50,000 word book by the end of November. It’s not supposed to be great and I think it’s designed to just accomplish the task. I failed this like I was getting paid to do so.

The first week I used a stream of consciousness journal technique that yielded some results. Then a switch was flipped and this fun little side project turned into a complete pain in my ass. I have an idea going that I really like and have now lowered my sites as I shoot for a rough outline by months end.

Part of my problem comes from just cranking out words. I want to write something I would actually read and words for word count sake doesn’t fit. Plus, if I just wanted to jam words together I’ve written way more than 50k here so I could have just cut and paste my way to a win. Except that would be as soft as a shoe full of shit so no thanks.

My day was immediately better when I turned on the tv this morning and found my favorite big and tall weatherman.

So much style packed into an oversized package. I love this dude as much as I love all small market local news.

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