Viewer Mailbag

First up was a question sent to an email I forgot I had me at stupidtom dot com. The user didn’t identify themselves but they must have been around at least five years ago because that is the last time I got a message to that address. Anyway, A. Fan wrote in asking why the pictures on the really old posts weren’t working and before I could answer I had to make sure that was a thing. Yup, all of the photos in posts before 2015 are broken links. I’m sure there is some internet technonerdery explanation but a quick search tells me its all my fault.

As I picked up my toys and moved all around the Internets I kept posting to places I am no longer a part of which breaks the links to the pics. I will do my best to recover the ones I can figure out but this is going to be a long drawn out whenever I feel like it because I have to edit each individual post and then try to guess which picture I”m talking about followed by a search for said same project. In other news I think I just broke my personal run on sentence record so I’ve got that going for me.

Another reader wrote in about two weeks ago (shut up already, no one promised speedy responses to your enquiries) asking about the name I have to be honest, the story isn’t that good. It was right around the time when the internet was an infant. Domain name squatters were gathering up all the good names and some Chinese fella or corporation had already snapped up so I went in search of some other snappy rhyming variation and here we sit.

I almost had it sold about ten years back to a band in the UK called stupidtom for a couple hundred dollars which represented everything I’d paid for the site to that point and a real name liner note acknowledgement in their CD. It wasnt the money so much but I didn’t want to just give it away. But as fate and the music industry would have it the band broke up before we could close the deal. And so ends the reading and answering of the mail.

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