Thanks memories

Remember that time that Dad was so hung over his only contribution to Thanksgiving was starting a massive grease fire… yup, could barely move all morning and then when I was finally asked to help I screwed up in a royal fashion. The turkey needed to be removed from the oven but the massive bird was cooking in a flimsy roasting pan. As I pulled it out the pan kinked in the middle and as soon as the spilling grease hit the bottom of the oven a fire broke out.

Got that under control only to find that the house looked like an 80’s rock video. I also learned that our Nest Protect smoke detector is a complete smartass. I kept muting the alarm as we opened windows and tried to air things out. On the final try it told me the smoke was too thick and it could no longer be silenced. I had to get a plastic bad and a rubber band to make it shut up. The dogs were both losing their minds and turning off the beep was the only way to calm things down.

Try not to be jealous of our super sweet 1964 popcorn ceiling. This is my version of DIY.

Next up was water flowing downstairs from the upstairs shower. All the shower water flowing through the walls and the ceiling. Raining light fixtures are never a holiday feel good but we got things as dry as possible and I now have a project to work on tomorrow. Eldest child spent last night in the hospital thinking her appendix burst only to find out she had a kidney stone and middle daughter has to work retail from 11:30pm tonight until 7:30am. Black Friday is a pisser and there are threats of us all going to see her at some point in the middle of the night. Sounds fun but I am ready for this day to end.

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