I mentioned that middle child had to work Thanksgiving into Black Friday so we decided to go see her. She works at an enormous mall near us called Woodfield. We got there at around 11:30pm and the parking lot was packed. I’ve been going to that mall since I was ten years old and that was the craziest I had ever seen it.

We found a spot but once we got inside things got worse. It was wall to wall people. I haven’t done any kind of Black Friday anything for years so I was under the impression that in person retail was almost dead. If that night was any indication there is still life left.

Never saw the kid because the line for her store was an hour long. I love my child but all of those people were making my skin crawl. We only ended up staying about an hour in total and the people watching was top notch. Best guests by far were a roaming group of college age boys.

They would position themselves in a big crowd or line and start cheering and clapping. People around them would join in for no reason and the mall population would head in their direction as if a celebrity had been sighted. I watched it happen three times as I waited for my wife to fight her way out of various stores. I love some good annoying fun.

For some reason this turkey day weekend is creeping by at a snails pace.

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