Oh, hey

Its a glamorous existence I’ve carved out for myself in this world. Up at 5:15am Eastern time to get the rental car returned and make this flight. The reason you are looking at a picture of my flying shoes and morning tastey beverage is I was trying to take a bank shot picture of the dude behind me screaming at his significant other. It’s how I was watching him but the phone camera would not cooperate.

Could not risk a stealth shot because this was a definite MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS situation. He really should be more careful about threats in a public place. When he said “punch you in your fat face” I laughed and immediately had to look at my phone like whatever I was listening to was hilarious. (Don’t bother giving me some me too garbage because for all I really know he might have been an alternative lifestyle gent and then wouldn’t you feel silly)

From what I could gather there had been a spat before he headed to Columbus and now that he was headed home it was up in the air if any of his stuff would be there to greet him. That’s one of those situations that I will never understand. Some folks just shouldn’t cohabitate.

Luckily he was seated nowhere near me on our flight and I got to take a nap and time travel. When I awoke this was out my window

I’ve never seen that before and had lots of questions but no one to answer. I really need to know if the inside is any different but am unwilling to book a flight to Japan to find out.

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