It’s the most

What you are looking at is some kind of parent/family torture experiment happening at the mall. I’m in the midst of my end of year travel-a-thon so when I’m home I tend to do what the wife wants. Last night that included some Christmas shopping. I don’t venture in to many stores as the crowded conditions that bother me in shopping gen pop are concentrated once you enter one of the cells.

That picture was taken as I waited for her to complete some transaction and I discovered that families were waiting in line for a giant playpen. It was like a tv show I couldn’t turn off.

Anyway I mistakenly followed her in to a shop that made me legit queasy. It was called LUSH and the scents plus the crowd immediately put me in peril. I am a lot of human to collapse in tight quarters so I beat feet for the open area out front. Holy hell that was tough. I don’t have strong reactions ever, so I was shook. Things quickly cleared up but every time I find myself near that bag I flinch once the smell hits me.

The good news is I won’t have to go back until the whole family heads there for our annual Festivus activities. $20 a family member and an hour or so to buy all the gifts. It’s a speed shoppers wheelhouse.

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