Less more

I use a cab company to get to the airport because they are consistently reliable. I’ve been burned by both Uber and Lyft and you only get one chance to screw me if there is a flight to catch.

Cabs aren’t without risks of their own but it never is about missing my trip. The troubles with taxis revolve around the equipment, the environment, and the driver. I have ridden in vehicles that clearly were not safe. Others were so dirty that I wanted to invent a dry spray version of hand sanitizer except I don’t really know much about that pesky chemistry thingamajig. And don’t get me started on the smells. My personal best is 22 total breaths after getting in at my house and experiencing an uncontrollable dry heave.

The drivers can range from horrendous behind the wheel to overly chatty. I’m not sure which one of those is worse by the way. A shitty driver keeps you on your toes during the entire trip. A talkative individual can make it seem like forever.

So when you find the sweet spot you want to use it as much as possible and I am lucky to have one of those gems live close by. His cab is a spotless newer minivan and he doesn’t say a single word outside required destination related conversation. I don’t request him but I end up getting about two rides per month with this treat of a human.

Just the sight of his van in the drive this morning put me in a good mood. When we got to the airport I paid him a rare compliment but I’m not sure it landed as intended. Here’s what I said and you be the judge:

The less you talk, the more I like you. Have a great day.

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