Owning cars is an awful pain in the wallet. No matter how you go about it there is trouble. Right now our 2008 Party Barge with 170,000 miles is sitting in the shop awaiting diagnosis. This isn’t a shock but the thing started leaking like someone blasted the engine with a shotgun.

I know it’s just old and for all I know designed to fail but the timing is a real nut shot. I am fully whining here because I don’t want to spend ten cents on this thing especially days before mutha effing Xmas . Alas, I have no choices that make economic sense.

I caught myself looking at other options during lunch but those all come with their own drawbacks. Anyhow, that was not the original reason I pulled out my phone to type.

I’m walking back from the shop right now and am constantly surprised by the amount of shitty customer service in the world. Nothing over the top but it was annoying enough that I thought about driving my fluid sprinkler down the road to another mechanic.

They are lucky I wasn’t completely sure it could travel much further. That plus whatever environmental fines I could have faced for turning all roads traveled into superfund sites.

And just to try and make sense of a truly poor post the dude checking me in treated me like an idiot. When it comes to cars I am – but I don’t need someone who is about to charge me to remind me of that fact. I’m typing this to try and talk myself out of turning into a complete asshole when called with the diagnosis.

Coin flip at this point.

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