Could’ve been worse

The mechanic interaction from a couple days ago ended better than I thought it would. Oh, they still crammed it deep up my hind end and broke it off monetarily, but it could have been much worse. Aside from fixing the safety issues and leaving a laundry list of future work the thing was in desperate need of tires.

So the kid on the phone told me he would quote the lowest price option blah blah blah safe words words words dangerous blah blah PRICE. By the time he was done I was laughing with rage. I think he could sense my levels over the phone because he said in a kind of apology “you’ll probably want to shop around for those…”

You’re effing-A-right I will!!!

After a couple calming breaths I asked him where he buys his own tires and he mumbled Costco or Walmart. I didn’t ask him to repeat that even though I was tempted but he works in an open environment. I took his advice and saved more than half. HALF!?! Still money I didn’t want to spend but it could have been much worse. Little victories are everything.

In other news my Christmas shopping is done so I’ve got that going for me. I’m trying to look on the bright side because tomorrow is a day off from work filled with annoying errands. Early predictions have me waiting in lines for more than half the day. First stop: a visit to the Illinois Air Team…

So I start my day waiting for something I don’t really believe should even be a thing. super

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